The KOWR supports Polish companies in the agrifood sector in their efforts to enter new markets by organising economic missions and national exhibition stands during international food fairs abroad. The companies receive complex assistance, starting from travel arrangements (e.g. transport and accommodation).

The KOWR also arranges store-checks and business meetings for them.

The KOWR helps Polish companies by organising informational meetings on doing business abroad as well as by organis1ng economic missions for foreign importers to Poland.

The KOWR organises a wide range of events promoting Polish food and culinary traditions. lt also participates in ventures organised abroad by Polish diplomatic missions and other government institutions in order to promote high-quality Polish food.

The KOWR analyses and distributes information on the situation on foreign markets.

KOWR also provides support to industry and interbranch organizations as part of the implementation of promotional and information programs approved by the European Commission in the field of the common agricultural policy.

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