DATE OF ADDING: 28 December 2022

Polish national stand at Food Africa Cairo 2022

From 5 to 7 December 2022, Cairo, Egypt, hosted Food Africa Cairo 2022, an international trade fair. During the event the National Support Centre for Agriculture set up, for the fifth time, Poland’s national stand, with a total area of 192 sq. m, as a part of international promotional activities accepted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
The national stand provided an opportunity for 19 Polish entrepreneurs in fruit and vegetables, dairy products, sweets, bakery products and food additives to showcase their offer. The Polish companies present at Food Arica Cairo constituted one of the largest groups of foreign exhibitors. The interest in Poland’s offer and numerous business talks held by our entrepreneurs are proof of Poland’s considerable success during the fair.
On the first day, Poland’s stand hosted a delegation of the Polish-Egyptian Parliamentary Group and representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Cairo. Members of the Polish Parliament Marcin Porzucek (Group President) and Tomasz Kostuś (Vice-President) officially opened the national stand.
Poland’s stand also featured an information stand of the Sectoral Programme for the Promotion of Polish food specialties (BPP) developed under Sub-measure 3.3.2 “Promotion of the economy based on Polish product brands – Polish Economy Brand” of the Smart Growth Operational Programme. BPP’s stand organised culinary shows, during which the visitors to the fair were able to try out delicious Polish dishes served by experienced Polish chefs.
Food Arica Cairo is the largest agri-food trade fair in Egypt, and one of the largest international fairs in this industry organised in Africa. The Egyptian market is appealing and promising, especially for Polish companies of fruit and vegetables, sweets and snacks, and dairy sectors; for which a systematic increase in the value of Polish exports to Egypt has been observed for several years.