National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR)

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The National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR) is a Polish governmental agency, supervised by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The KOWR is the main institution implementing promotion measures in the agri-food sector in Poland.






A strong brand of Polish food products is built under a common slogan: “Polska tastes good”. Building a positive image and recognition of Polish food abroad under the “POLAND TASTES GOOD” brand is one of the main tasks of the National Center for Agricultural Support.

The “POLAND TASTES GOOD” brand is a guarantee of taste and a synonym for Polish food products of the highest quality, as well as a response to the growing demand for healthy food, produced in accordance with the natural environment, based on traditional technologies and production methods.

Categories of food produced:

Beverages Beverages
Cereal products Cereal products
Condiments Condiments
Confectionery Confectionery
Dairy products Dairy products
Dishes Dishes
Fish and fish products Fish and fish products
Fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables
Honey Honey
Meat and meat products Meat and meat products
Oils Oils
Preserves Preserves

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National Support Centre for Agriculture

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