DATE OF ADDING: 08 November 2022

Polish national stand at the SIAL Paris trade fair

The National Support Centre for Agriculture (KOWR) organized for the fifth time a Polish national stand at the SIAL PARIS trade exhibition, which took place on 15-19 October 2022.
The exhibition is one of the most important agri-food trade fairs in the world. This year’s edition attracted 7200 exhibitors from 119 countries, including ca. 250 exhibitors from Poland, which reflects the scale of the event. It was the first edition organized after a four-year break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The Polish national stand covering the area of ca. 500 sq.m. was situated in two thematic halls: Hall 1 dedicated to national pavilions and Hall 5A dedicated to sweets and bakery products.
39 companies, representing a broad spectrum of Polish agri-food industry, promoted their offer on the national stand (33 in Hall 1 and 6 in Hall 5A). The products range included fresh fruit and vegetables, juices, honeys, sweets, grain products, dairy, spices, fish products, traditional alcohols, and many more.
Polish national stand was officially opened by Ms. Małgorzata Gośniowska-Kola, Deputy Director General of the KOWR, together with Mr. Adrian Gawłowski, Deputy Director of the KOWR’s Export Support Department. The stand was also visited by the Polish Ambassador in France, Mr. Jan Emeryk Rościszewski, who met with Polish entrepreneurs.
The Polish stand enjoyed consistently a high level of popularity, and the present Polish companies held many interesting meetings and established contacts with many foreign contractors. The KOWR’s Export Support Department also organized a B2B session with invited foreign counterparts, mainly from the USA and other third countries. Both the guests and the Polish companies highly appreciated the level of the talks held as well as the commitment on the part of the KOWR.
Part of the Polish national stand was the information booth of the Sector Promotion Programme for Polish food specialities developed under sub-measure 3.3.2 “Promotion of the economy on the basis of Polish product brands – Brand of Polish Economy – Go to Brand” of the Smart Growth Operational Programme. As part of the Sector Promotion Programme booth, cooking shows were held, during which visitors to the fair could taste traditional Polish dishes, served by Polish chefs.
The live cooking shows included food pairing sessions which combined exquisite compositions of Polish dishes with craft alcohols produced by companies affiliated in the Association of Employers Polish Spirits Industry.